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Drumming musician and app developer wants to exchange ideas

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  • Drumming musician and app developer wants to exchange ideas


    My name is Bernard Mortsell and I have been lurking here (and a few other similar forums) for some time. I have found it interesting to compare my experiences of serving and playing in some local Swedish churches, with your international perspective.

    The reason for registering to be able to contribute and post here is simple: besides being a musician I'm also a software developer, and an important part of writing good software is getting to know the users.

    To be more specific: I have for example written a sheet music app for Android, which is quite popular among jazz musicians. But I know there's also a lot of users in the worship community, and I use it myself playing at church, so I'd like to get some feedback from you - what features are most important, how do you work with music, what sources and formats should be supported. And so on...

    The app is called Fakebook and it is available from Google Play here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/de...kebook.android

    Glad to be here!