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    Hi, I'm Brad, I live in a small town in Zimbabwe, Africa. I've been with my church since I was about 5 years old and have really grown spiritually with them. I'm now 18 and a youth leader. Music has always been an important feature in my life (not that I'm very good at playing, I try. ) I do sing though, that's okay, probably much the same as my playing skills.

    Earlier this year I was offered the opportunity to become one of the worship leaders in the church. After much prayer I accepted and was soon brought onto the roster. I've been leading for about 5 month now and as the time has been going I've noticed that I don't lead like the other leaders. I seem more, shy, withdrawn, at times even afraid that I'm being judged. I also feel that my set lists tend to remain with the same songs each time I lead. Just wondering, does anyone have a few tricks of the trade to help me? I would appreciate any help I could get!

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    I'll try to tackle this a bit, as a fellow introverted, somewhat shy worship leader of about 9 years:

    1. Shyness & afraid of being judged: Work hard at making sure the decisions you are making are what you feel is really the best for the church. Confess your fear of men to God, and then think "If I wasn't afraid of people, what would I do that would really serve and help my church?" Realize you are accepted by God based on his grace given through Jesus' Death and resurrection...and so "proving yourself" does not need to be your main concern. And finally, realize that most of the people in your church are not "out to judge you"...they, like you, are thinking more about how other people view them, than they are focused on you. Ask God to help you care more about pleasing Him than pleasing people.

    2. Song Variety: Work on increasing your song choices gradually, not all at once with 10-20 new songs. If you are selecting songs, try to gradually increase to around 50-60 songs that you are comfortable leading. There's not really any good reason to try to do hundreds of songs...if you do, then you can only do a song about once a year, and people may forget it by the time it comes back around. I'm not sure if you are talking about introducing new songs to the church, or simply leading songs the church already knows, but that you haven't led before, so that might make a difference.

    I hope this helps. My brother led medical missions trips to Zimbabwe for about 7 years, ending 2 years ago, I know it can be difficult place to live. May God bless your ministry!


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      oops, double post


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        For the timidity, I would remind you that God has given you a spirit of power and love. You've been given gifts of leadership because of the grace of Jesus. It wasn't given to you because of your own good works. It is based on the work of Jesus.

        I would also remind you that you are right now completely accepted by God. Again not based on how well you lead, but because of the good works of Jesus. You are free from the judgment of others because God has judged you to be righteous.

        The church wants to worship. They want to follow you into the throne room of God to sing him praises. They're on your side.

        As far as set lists, I try not to sing the same song two Sundays in a row. But I break that rule sometimes.

        Are there songs that you do that the other worship leaders don't? Do you feel like it's become "your song?" That's okay, especially if the church doesn't get to sing it any other time.

        But if you are feeling like your set lists has gone a stale, bring in a new song. One new song, like 12Strings said, gradually. Work with the other worship leaders to coordinate introducing new songs.

        Blessings, Brad


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          Love your congregation. Listen to them. Listen to their needs. Pray for them. Try to be open to what the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do.

          And then choose songs, as reflective of their needs, coinciding with the teaching of your church that week.

          Lastly, don't be afraid to use hymns. These songs may get a stronger response, simply because they've been around longer. A freshly done familiar hymn is a joy to behold.
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