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Hi I'm just joining TWC

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  • Hi I'm just joining TWC

    Hey Gang!
    I'm new to TWC as of, well, now

    I'm a novice to all of this but I'm hoping to learn more. I attend Medina First United Methodist Church in Medina TN (just outside Jackson). I am a college professor by trade and a "helper" to the worship team. I sing back up, fill in if needed, help with powerpoint, and in the absence of a drummer I've bought a set of drums and started trying to play along in our service.

    I'm particularly interested in improving our powerpoint set up. I've seen, at another church, the ability to have multiple slides showing on the computer screen but only the one desired slide for the congregation. This allowed the ability to move back and forth very easily between slides rather than scroll through for all to see. What software do we need to accomplish that? We are using a laptop PC connected to two projectors.


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    Welcome to TWC. Glad you found us. You will find plenty of good stuff here to help you.

    As to your question, there are a number of programs out there that work much better than power point, but since I'm not a video person, someone else can answer this better than I. Check out this link to a thread on here.