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Intro - Fabio Junior Policeno from Winter Garden, FL

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  • Intro - Fabio Junior Policeno from Winter Garden, FL

    Hi all, my name is Fabio and I love to play drums to praise Jesus at https://lifechurchhw.com/ and I work with technology (web/mobile development) what I love too!

    I like to use both together as much I can

    I was just looking for somewhere to post some things (here they deleted my post just because are Christian songs) and I found this forum that looks great with a lot of content.

    I was using piece of paper to take some notes to know where/when to play and I decided to try https://www.staffpad.net/ to write the whole song and it worked perfectly for me!

    I will try to post time to time the score sheets I write to worship in the church. I hope you guys enjoy it!

    Here are some: https://www.theworshipcommunity.com/...ders-and-teams

    God bless you!

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