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Intro - Marc from the Macedon Ranges

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  • Intro - Marc from the Macedon Ranges

    Hi. My name is Marc and I am the Worship Team Leader at Gisborne Church of Christ in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, about 60km North West of Melbourne, Australia.

    I'm not a musician myself, just a guy who loves the Lord and can usually sing in tune. I've been a Worship Leader for around ten years, I guess, and Worship Team Leader for the last four or so. Our team currently consists of piano, a couple of guitars, bass and drums, plus our faithful backing singers. Our worship style is contemporary (Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman...).

    Our congregation ranges from young families through to seniors and has numbered around 60 - 70 for most of the time I've been here, but we are currently experiencing some growth and are regularly well over the 100 mark, with every indication being that the growth will continue. Recently, we've also been really blessed to be able to substantially renovate our building (still underway), including a new, significantly bigger auditorium with better acoustics and lots of new AV equipment.

    These changes are really great, but have given me a number of new challenges, which I'm hoping I can find some advice on in this community.

    Looking forward to "chatting" with you all.



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    Marc, I'm not sure what challenges you are experiencing but let me say this. I do understand the pressure and stress that new technology puts on those of us who are leaders in the church. First, I would say, if it's not broke, don't fix it or mess with it. Sounds like you are growing doing what you are doing so I would say keep on doing what your're doing but if the pastor and others who are over you want and expect you to use some new technology and you do not feel comfortable with it, perhaps you would want to look into finding a tech person who would be committed to helping you and the church move into this new and modern world of technology, that has already changed since I've written this reply.


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      Thanks for your reply Eugene. The technology itself is not an issue for me and I have a person or two on my team who have the enthusiasm and skills to get it all under control, eventually, although right now it's all a bit chaotic as we try to get the sound right, in an auditorium that has vastly different acoustic properties to our previous one. Some of the issues I have stem from this, for example, I'm hoping to write another post, regarding drums, later today.

      As our numbers grow, I'm also having other issues around embracing new members who'd like to become part of the Worship Team, some of them with instruments we've never thought about incorporating previously. We also have a sudden upsurge in interest from some of our teenagers meaning I'll need to balance inclusion and encouragement with the priority of enabling our congregation to worship. I also hope to discuss, or find discussions around, the role of the Worship Team and worship leaders and other philosophical issues. I hope to be posting on these in more detail in future.


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        Mark, welcome to TWC. Glad you found us. Most of the concerns you have mentioned have already been experienced by some of our TWC members, and much has been written in conversations on our forums, do dig into the forums. You will find a lot of answers. And you can comment, and ask questions.

        Dig in! Make yourself at home.