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Tim from Pennsylvania in US

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  • Tim from Pennsylvania in US

    Glad to be here!

    I am a multi instrumentalist who does not have music for a day job. Piano/vocal are my first instruments. In addition I take weekly violin lessons and have been playing the violin for a little over 4 years. I "play at" guitar and Irish bouzouki. Good enough to slide by on some things but nor really good lol. I have been leading worship for many years in various churches mostly as a volunteer in smaller churches since my location is largely rural.. I was recently taken on as part time payed at my most recent church where I led as a volunteer for 5 years before being part time payed staff. I have been there now for 8 years as WL.
    In addition I make music on DAWs. I have a variety of DAWs I use with lots of software instruments.and plugins. I have made over 100 songs using DAWs. I never envisioned using that for worship although due to lack of players we have used accompaniment tracks played to a click. I have played worship all by myself but I much prefer playing with a team. I am now looking at the possibilities of using my DAWs for worship tune builds.
    I don't consider myself a wealth of talent, just a guy who likes to play and wants to use it for worship. God has used me but sometimes I feel as if maybe my time is drawing to a close so far as leading is concerned.