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Maria from Sweden

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  • Maria from Sweden

    Dear worship community

    My name is Maria, I live in Sweden and I have try to be a follower of the son of God around 5 years.
    I am new in the music industry. I started to sing and write many messianic songs around one year ago and now I try to learn how to produce instrumental sound to my songs and/or find a music producer in Israel to work with
    . I am deeply thankfull for every advice I can get about wich 100% free DAW program I can use and about where I can find safe free leagel plug ins, and also safe plugins to audacity, and other advice about music production, please write to me, I welcome every advice

    Kindest regards

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    Welcome Maria!

    Nice to meet you here! I am so glad you purpose to be a follower of God.

    Advice on free DAW program. If you use PC I suggest Cakewalk by Bandlab. This once payed program is now free because it was bought by Asian business interest who uses it as more of an entry into their other products.

    The steps to obtaining it are- First download " Bandlab " computer app. This is the portal to download Cakewalk. If you have questions go to the Cakewalk forum and someone will be more than happy to explain it. No adware is installed.