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Greetings from Florida and the Salvation Saloon

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  • Greetings from Florida and the Salvation Saloon

    Hello everyone.

    I live in Dunedin, FL (that explains the name) and attend church at the Salvation Saloon where I'm the Praise and Worship leader as well as the President of the "Posse" motorcycle ministry. I very much look forward to sharing ideas and general fellowship with like-minded people.

    A little about our church. It was originally started as an outreach ministry to the "unchurched" biker community. Overtime it has become a full time church. The concept was, if they won't come to church, we'll bring church to them. So every Sunday we convert one of our local bars into a church service. Obviously, we don't serve drinks, but we do serve the Lord and provide spiritual refreshment to all that attend. Our church parking lot is still predominantly filled with motorcycles, but we have a fairly wide range of people that attend. In most cases it's those that seek an alternative to a conventional style of church.

    You can get more information about us at http://www.salvationsaloon.com

    I look forward to our fellowship here.
    The Posse Band live performance tracks can be heard by CLICKING HERE

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    Welcome to TWC. I see you have already made yourself at home here. We welcome your input, and hope we can be a benefit to you, as well.

    Thanks for sharing about your unique ministry. Here is SC we have similar ministries to bikers and cowboys.

    Glad you found us.