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Hello from Montgomery County MD

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  • Hello from Montgomery County MD

    Intro: I am David Waggoner from Gaithersburg MD in Montgomery County. That is just north of DC. My wife (Sharon) and I both work inside the beltway for the Federal Government. (NOAA, Dept of Commerce)

    I am originally from Southwest Lower Michigan, just across the state line from South Bend IN. We moved to the DC area in 1998. My dad was a Wesleyan Methodist pastor in the early 1950s but left the ministry before i was born. I was raised Church of the Nazarene, independent Pentecostal and Assembly of God. Sharon was raised Assembly of God.

    I played sax in high school and took organ lessons. I also took music theory classes in the summer. (Southern Gospel style). Taught myself guitar my senior year of HS. In college i self taught on harmonica and dulcimer. I was in a charismatic prayer group and was thrust into worship leading when the congregation went thru a serious problem. After that all settled out, it was suggested that i learn bass. Been playing that as my main instrument ever since.

    Moving back to my home town i was 11 years as co worship leader (and bass player), the last few years as a congregational elder. Moving out here, I have been on various worship teams and the last 2 congregations, assistant worship leader.

    my current congregation is Son of David Congregation, which is part of Chosen People Ministries. I have been here 4 years. We are broadcasting our virtual services at sonofdavid.org and I lead the music approx every other week.

    My previous congregation was in northern VA; Ohev Yisrael, which is affiliated with Tikkun International. I was there 12 years. I am still good friends with many of the leaders of the Tikkun network.
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