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Intro- Jordon from the Inland Empire, California

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  • Intro- Jordon from the Inland Empire, California

    Hello, my name is Jordon. I am currently the bass player for my church which meets in Redlands, California. I grew up playing the piano, and about two and a half years ago, I switched over to bass guitar to help with the worship team. I play about three times a month and usually help with set up and tear down each week (my church currently meets in a school gymnasium). We as a church are always trying to find ways to improve our service and make the set up process as effective and efficient as possible. I see this forum as a great tool to help us continually move in that direction. Thanks

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    Welcome to TWC, Jordon. Glad you found us. There is plenty on our forums that can be helpful to you, personally, and to your church body. Dig in; join in; feel free to ask questions.