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Howdy from Ga

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  • Howdy from Ga

    I just signed up and I’d like to introduce myself. I’m pretty much a newb when it comes to playing. I get a little more kick out of working on guitars. I’m working on a homemade Tele now. I’m also trying to learn how to play the electric rhythm parts to How Great is Our God and Raise a Hallelujah. There’s something about the delay sound that has caught my ear

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    This is quite a “Christian” site. I posted this close to 2 weeks ago. Not 1 single reply, not a single welcome to the community...sad...really sad.


    • Dave-W
      Dave-W commented
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      Hi Jurny. Sorry you have not had much of a response. I just joined myself. It seems rather quiet. Maybe we can get things going again?

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    Hello JurnyWannaBe! I'm the former "Worship Community Guy" before returning the site to its founder a little over a year ago. I believe the site is currently dormant - the old content is still available as a resource, but no one is actively involved in the day-to-day that I'm aware of. On top of that, when I was running the site, though we kept these forums open, I migrated most of the worship conversations during my tenure over to our FaceBook page, so these online forums just don't get a lot of traffic. I actually play a handmade tele modeled after a late 70s model - even has all of the original hardware! Anyway, stick around - I wouldn't be surprised if someone stepped to the fore to reboot things eventually. I think that all involved are in seasons of transition & other things have our attention now.


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      BTW Jury: I mostly play a custom build bass I made 25 years ago.