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Intro - Annette Hunt from Sunny South Florida

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  • Intro - Annette Hunt from Sunny South Florida

    Hello worship family! I’m a member of Words of Life Fellowship Church under the loving, dynamic guidance of Pastor Geri Moore. I was a part of the choir; however, I have been negligent in participating faithfully. After being the caregiver for my late mother, I lost most of my zeal things in life. I had to push past the hurt and move forward in the things of Yahweh, seeking Him early before the cares of the day could steal that time away. I am able once again read and meditate on the Word. The clouds have lifted and now I am able to seek after and attain the things of Yahweh. The love of Yeshua has been a great comfort to me and relit the flame within my heart. The journey I traveled was an arduous one, but now I know that the Holy Spirit was with me all the while, providing comfort and revealing Yahweh’s Word with absolute clarity. I praise Yahweh for a medium such as this, by which we can collectively worship Him with love and adoration for His goodness as well as enjoy the fellowship with other believers. Thank you for making this platform available and for allowing me to be a part of this community.