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Intro - Brandon Saucier from South Bend, IN

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  • Intro - Brandon Saucier from South Bend, IN

    Hi everyone!
    I am Brandon. I am the brand new Minister of Worship and Discipleship at South Side Baptist Church in South Bend Indiana.

    I'm originally from rural Arkansas and transplanted to Indiana when God opened a door to fruitful ministry in a full time worship pastor position. I have 8 years worship leading experience. Though that experience was largely acoustic guitars, bass and piano with a few singers thrown in. No big sound board or major equipment. I am pretty green to the big tech side of things. My new church has the whole chalupa. They have a digital sound board that I am learning. They use planning center services which I LOVE! They have the MyMix in ear monitoring system which I am wrestling with as well. I am in need of tips and tricks to making the tech work for me and not working for it.

    I look forward to encouraging one another and helping each other glorify God through our unique gifts.
    In Christ,
    Brandon Saucier