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    I am Ethan from Northeast Mississippi! I am primarily a drummer, but I'm currently not playing with a group right now. I'm also an improving guitarist, and I'm close to stepping out of my box to become a singer. I'm a huge Jesus Culture/ Hillsong fan. I love the way the Chris Quilala leads with an electric rather than an acoustic guitar. I am interested in a set-up such as his. The closest I can get my rig to sound like his is on my Ibanez TS7 tubescreamer through my Peavy Bandit Trabstube 112 amp. the rest of my pedals are junk, so I don't use them much (beat up crybaby, DS-1, digitech R80). I'm also a broke 18 year old that is about to be in college this coming fall, so my budget will only get worse. Any corners I can cut to get cheaper pedals without sacrificing too much sound quality?

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    Welcome aboard!

    As far as getting god gear on the cheap, I've found some good stuff on Guitar Center's used gear website. They have pages and pages of used pedals. Craigslist can be a good choice too, if you have the patience.

    You could also pick up a MFX unit like a Mustang Floor or Line 6. I like the Digitech ones myself. You can get a used one pretty reasonable.

    A good pedal for the money are the Danelectro FAB series. They aren't super high end, but GC has them used at about $10 up to $30 each and I know several guitarists that use them.

    Also, you have to remember that gear is only part of the story. You can get caught up in a very seductive yet elusive quest to sound like *that* guy. People will spend gobs of money to sound like their favorite player, but they don't realize that tone isn't all gear- it's technique, it's attack, it's those little nuances that we all do that makes us sound like us. So don't get too caught up in trying to sound like Quilala.

    You already have a tube screamer- what else are you looking to get?
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      I definitely want a delay pedal. I've been told that the rouge analog delay is actually pretty decent and very well priced. I want a reverb pedal, boost, volume, and EQ. Eventually, I'll want to get some different over drives for different sounds. I'm not trying to "copy" anyone's playing style, I just love the tones he gets.


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        If you don't want to spend too much money, I believe you can cover a lot of ground in worship music with a good overdrive pedal and a good delay pedal. Maybe a reverb too, but all others are just icing on the cake IMO. For delay, I'd recommend something that can do digital AND analog delay (many pedals can model several types of delay). And one where you can control the rhythmic division (e.g. dotted eighth), and that provides tap tempo. Something from the Boss DD series, for example.

        These 2 pedals + technique and you can do almost anything. Hope that helps.