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New to the worship community and always open to new ideas

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  • New to the worship community and always open to new ideas

    My name is Rob and I am in Ohio. I am the music minister at our Church (victory church). we are in the process of embracing the next generation of worshippers. Meaning we want to intentionally build our team with more younger people (18 - 30) Our team is currently made up mostly of people in the 40's and 50's however we do have some younger in 20's. Also I am interested in how other teams reqruit for their team, and how many church's compensate musicians (those of higher quality, you know the one's that you need to make it happen) I am a vocalist and a drummer, however I do not play a primary instrument like piano or guitar and play drums maybe once a month and have other leaders rotate leading. I am looking forward to hearing how others do ministry!

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    Welcome to TWC, Rob. Glad you found us. Our forums have a number of threads dealing with the issues you mentioned. Dig in; comment; ask questions; start a new thread. You will find answers to many of your questions, and maybe make some new friends along the way.


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      Hi Rob,

      You might want to start a thread in the "for leaders and teams" section, but just quickly, we try to recruit young people in our church through our youth band. Our MD works with our youth minister to identify and get alongside young people with musical interest/talent, both to train them up for music ministry and to pastor them spiritually.

      Do you have a youth band at your church?