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    Hello All,

    I've played on worship teams since the '80s: Hammond organ, pno, synth. I have watched music technology evolve to its present dazzlingly sophisticated advances in guitar, bass, percussion, keyboard, PA, and individually-tailored monitor mix technologies. I was present when the first effects device for guitar appeared -- the distortion pedal, or fuzztone as it was called.

    My playing philosophy is that less is more; when I play piano I use spare chord construction and play a half-octave or more below the guitars so as to stay out of their way; many worship team pianists, especially those who have played the instrument by itself most of their lives, don't understand that the piano should never be a full-range instrument when played in an ensemble; spare left-hand accompaniment should be used and must stay out of the range of the bass guitar. The advent of deep syntheizer pads capable of volcanic lows makes it tempting to horn in on the bass and is a bad idea.

    My opening post two cents

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    Hey Newbie, another Newbie here.

    Was just looking around for active worship forums and bumped into this one.

    I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour back in 1976, I would use the term "got saved" then. Truly, I was saved from the direction I was heading.

    Since then, I've been involved in worship everywhere I've gone, playing (and by "playing" I don't mean actual, high caliber "playing" but a continual growth into playing) guitar
    to accompany or lead worship in the various contemporary styles that have been around or developed since then.

    Also, have directed choirs, led worship teams, played in a couple of christian bands, directed a 100 voice crusade choir, directed in a local small christian school

    In general, just made myself available and let the Lord do the rest. When someone else is called, I step back and love to just worship the Lord with the congregation, when
    the need and call is there, I've stepped up as needed.

    The last few years, I've been developing a love for bluegrass, specifically bluegrass gospel and "style"... taking some contemporary songs ala the "Bluegrass Worship" CD
    or others and playing those songs with a bluegrass feel. Took lessons to learn banjo, and lately dobro.

    I have my ear to the ground for some local, born again, bluegrass players to try to put together a bluegrass worship team, I believe it can add to the local Christian community either in or outside of our church.

    I'm waiting and watching to see what the Lord will do!

    -- Rob