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John from Illinois.

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  • John from Illinois.

    Hello all, I was looking for info on whether many worship guitarists use Les Paul's or not and found a thread from this site in what the search engine pulled up. I thought this looked like a great forum so here I am.

    A little about me. I am live in Illinois, not very far from St. Louis. I go to a UMC church right now, though I probably fit more with Assemblies of God type churches. I am a worship guitar player, who for a brief period produced Melodic Progressive House EDM. I work in a factory, though I would love to play professionally. I appreciate good coffees, and things like that. I love Faith based movies. I have a tendency to go on long drives when I can as it seems that it helps me to focus better when I pray. I especially like it when the sky is a bit overcast when I do.

    I have a passion for music and have been a musician for a long time. I took drum lessons for a brief period from an older lady who came to the Pentecostal private school I attended in 2nd and 3rd grades. Then I got a cheap keyboard for Christmas when I was 15 which was the real start of my musical journey. Then when I was 23 I was talked into pursuing guitar after a friend heard me messing around on one. I experimented and tried different things and was coming up with arrangements. Funny enough, I kind of learned how to emulate guitar solos to some degree on my Synthesizer (which was an early digital synth that I got for a bargain since it had many years on it). I got pretty good but was running out of ideas, whereas guitar was like a largely unexplored frontier, so I spent more time with my guitar then I did on the keyboard. My breakthroughs started coming when I got a scale book and started learning the Major scale and it's modes. As it is I have done a lot of experimenting and have put some serious time into practice in the past. I am still learning and evolving as a musician though, really as a person if you get right down to it. Musically I am influenced by many different types of music and artists, but Bethel Music, Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture and Lincoln Brewster are pretty well the style I play, along with some Bluesy and ​Jazzy improvisations when the need arises.

    I went to a Pentecostal private school as I stated earlier but I didn't actually get saved until I was 26 and it took a while before I really seen any change in my life, for reasons that are too numerous to get into. I have seen some dark days and have had to heal from a seriously abusive past. I consider myself a surviver and not a victim though I am still working on that whole seeing myself as God sees me thing. I have also made many mistakes and have blown it big time even after getting saved. I am not proud of my failures and I don't view them flippantly. But I am seeking to be pleasing to God and am still overcoming shortcomings like everyone else. I have failed in marriage, I have fallen but I have gotten back up though. I try to look at things from a biblically balanced perspective. And like everyone else, I am growing, I am far from knowing everything. I try to be real and not phony. I try to be honest and owning my own faults. I don't have it all together but I am trying to be real and live my faith every day of the week. days are better than others but I press on. I look forward to interacting with and getting to know people here.
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    Hey, welcome aboard. Hope you find this place to be a good resource.
    If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.