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    Hi everyone, I am Kathryn from Lincolnton NC. My husband and I serve in the music ministry at our church, Harvest Church. He is the worship leader and I play a 21 chord chromaharp and occasionally sing. My husband plays guitar and bass and sings, and he is our leader. We have other church members who play the flute, bass and guitar but they don't play every Sunday. Most weeks it is just my husband, me, our pastor and another singer. We play some contemporary songs, some original and hymns. I would say we are fairly eclectic, but always worshipful !

    Our eldest son is a worship Pastor in Charlotte, NC. He and his wife and some friends just released a CD that received 5 starts from Worship Leader magazine. Is is called One Hope and is on the Deep Water Worship label. You can get a free download on Noisetrade.com