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Intro - T.J. from Fort Wayne, IN

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  • Intro - T.J. from Fort Wayne, IN

    I played drums for a good 12 years or so, in most of the churches and campus ministry I was involved in during that window of time. For several years throughout that window I ran sound for services, and occasionally would run the slide deck with whatever software was used at the time.

    We moved to norrthern Indiana a few years back, and at the church we attend now I've been plugged in watching babies occasionally, running lights during services, and been more heavily involved with smaller group settings. Other than playing drums on occasion at home music isn't a heavy focal point for me now.

    My vocation is a highly technical role, so blending that with past music and other creative experiences, picking up the lighting wasn't too difficult. After a few years I'm finding the lighting to be a bit "bland." By that I show up, make some color changes, pay close attention to ensure people are lighted, and that's about it. I've been trying to do some research on how organizations (churches in particular) can use lighting to engage people. Prayer is always a great thing for people to be engaged, but even through the window of time I played drums there were ways to really try and engage people. How is this accomplished with lighting? I found this online community so I thought I'd chime in and see if I can find more answers to what I'm looking for.