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Intro - Kyle from Chillicothe Ohio

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  • Intro - Kyle from Chillicothe Ohio

    Hi my name is Kyle and I live in Chillicothe Ohio. I am a worship leader in a service called Connection which is a part of First Wesleyan Church, and also in Pursuit Student Ministries, also a part of First Wesleyan. Apart from leading worship (in music) I enjoy do video work for the services. I really enjoy doing what God has called me to do wherever it may be. I think some of the most awesome experiences I've had have been on mission trips with Pursuit. It's been a fun ride and I can't wait to see what the next page in life holds. I found The Worship Community just out of the blue this last week when I was trying to gather some ideas for Easter this year. However, it appears I have stumbled on an awesome tool to help me and the team out, and hopefully I'll be able to throw in my 2 cents every now and then. Hope to meet you (whoever you are) soon. God bless!

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    Welcome! There are quite a few of us here from Ohio (I'm in Columbus). Jump right in - it's a great community!
    Eric Frisch


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      Welcome to TWC, Kyle. Yes, this is a great site. There are threads in the forums on just about everything worship-related. Join in the conversation, ask a question, or start a new thread. Glad you found us.


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        Thanks for the warm welcome! Eric! That's awesome man! I was just in Columbus yesterday to pick up something from microcenter!