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Intro- Mike from New Mexico

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  • Intro- Mike from New Mexico

    Hi my name is mike and i'm from alamogordo nm. I am the main worship leader/ tech "maintainer/developer" and video editor here at my church "The Worship Center". I've been leading worship for this church (my home church i grew up in) since 1999. Just wanted to introduce myself. i'm looking for some more worship leading friends as most of the ones i've had have left the ministry and so on.

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    Welcome to TWC, Mike. This is a good community of people involved in all aspects of "worship," so you can find help and info on most any subject. You can find the friendship you are seeking by becoming a participant in our forums.
    Glad you found us.


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      My name is Mike CArter, I grew up in Alamogordo, class of 81. I have three older brothers from there too. Mom parents still live there. I live in Iowa now and miss the desert!!!!!!
      I look forward to visiting with you on here. Perhaps you can post some awesome photos of White Sands and sunsets to remind us of Gods western love!!!!!
      I didn't mean to be inaccurate, but I wasn't trying to be precise.