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Greetings - Rick from Carson City, NV

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  • Greetings - Rick from Carson City, NV

    I'm willing to bet I am one of the oldest here at 58. I started playing music professionally in the 60's and 70's. When I was married in 1977 I decided to get a real job and became a computer programmer with the state. I retired in 2007.
    My wife and I attended First Presbyterian Church in Carson City. We had two children, both raised in the church. I started playing guitar with a "blended worship" band about 20 years ago. I began writing worship songs during that period and we played most of them with warm response from the congregation. Two of them became favorites of the youth group in their weekly worship.
    In 2004 political struggles in the church had us looking for another church. We found one that played edgy contemporary music. After two weeks I was playing guitar on the platform. Since then worship leaders have come and gone, but since late 2009 I have been filling that role. That church is Connected Church of the Nazarene (Welcome to Carson Connected).
    I've been attending worship conferences sponsored by Christian Musician magazine for a few years and learned a lot from them.
    I also subscribe to worshiptogether.com and get most of our new music from them.
    But I've been feeling like I need something a bit more interactive on a daily basis - and then I found this site.
    I probably won't be able to offer much for a while, but I look forward to reading what you all are up to.

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    Rick, you got me beat. I won't be 58 until March! You will find a lot here that will be very helpful. Since you are a songwriter, be sure to check out the songwriters forums. You can post songs there, and listen to songs others in the group have written. We also have a monthly songwriting challenge, based on a particular scripture.
    Glad to have you with us.


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      Welcome Rick. I am only 47. hahaha


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        Welcome to TWC Rick! We have a wide age range here from what I have read through the months I have been here. That is one of the great things about this forum. We have diversity!

        Contribute when you can and enjoy the fellowship all the time.

        Faith in Christ


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          Welcome Rick,
          I used to think 58 was old until I turned 50 last year. Enjoy the site, a lot of helpful info and people to bounce ideas off of.