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Hey there fellowshippers. Kevin in Surrey, B.C. Canada

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  • Hey there fellowshippers. Kevin in Surrey, B.C. Canada

    ok, on the advice of "irateNate", "rainsong" here to check in:-)....great looking site, Nate....
    first question:....anybody doing Lincoln Brewster's "Today is the Day"?.....and, if so, are you doing the vocal "oh,oh,oh -- oh's"?.....and do you have the guitarist to pull off his cool lead break?.....or is it being done in a more "congregationally friendly" manner? or what?......(ooohh, cool little icons at the bottom of the page...oooh, oooh....).....

    oh....I'm a worship leader at Hope Community Church in Cloverdale, B.C.
    teach guitar. (played..ahh...some 40 odd yrs)..........
    3 kids. 1 grand-daughter,1 grand-son, 1 grand-daughter "on the way".....52 yrs young, ready to retire from 35 yrs at Smurfit-MBI, being a Rotary Machine Operator (or "cardboard box maker....and I need more guitars......
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    Awesome, so glad to have you here, and excited that other members are referring others!

    I haven't done that song yet, though I love it a lot ... IF/WHEN I do the song, I doubt we'll do the "oh, oh".

    If you have a guitarist who can shred Lincoln Brewster's solos ... wow, I'm saying go for it, unless people began to focus their worship on the guitarist, instead of God!
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