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Worshipper from Ohio

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  • Worshipper from Ohio

    Hi and Shalom to my dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,
    I go by the name of Harpsong4Him because I have a celtic harp that I play on a little; I do play keyboards a little but mainly I am a worship leader/prayer warrior/soloist/tambourinist. I love to lead the congregation in worship to our Great God... I have been a singer all my life; a worship leader and a songwriter for the past 12+ years...all for Him!
    I am looking forward to sharing some ideas and talking about revelation of spiritual truths in worship and prophetic ministry. I am actually on 2 praise teams and lead an e-prayer ministry so I get to see the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of God's people.
    It is very nice to meet you...
    Blessings in Christ Jesus,

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    Thanks so much for coming and taking part in the site! I'd love to hear more about that celtic harp!
    Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
    blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

    Please check out my piano/instrumental music at:


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      It is a 28 string wavy maple (golden color) Leprechaun model (lever harp)from Hidden Valley Harps. Beautiful instrument; warm voice for its size. I mainly play arpeggios but the harp itself sounds good no matter what is played on it. It was made by Pastor Yoder whose wife taught harp to 3 generations. I had the priviledge to speak with her before her passing.
      Like Dorene told me, my harp, like all the harps made by Hidden Valley, was created to be an instrument of worship to God; you know, like us!!!!
      We were MADE to PRAISE Him!!! Thanks for the welcome.