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Intro - Chris from Canada

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  • Intro - Chris from Canada

    Hey everyone - I've been sending my worship textfessionals over for a while but haven't really had time to make myself part of the community here.

    My name is Chris and I'm the director of worship at Orangeville Baptist Church in Orangeville, ON. We're about an hour northwest of downtown Toronto and I've been here for a little over two years.

    I'm married with two young girls, love playing and listening to music and try to stay on top of all my RSS feeds. I've had a good year of blogging consistently over at ChrisFromCanada.com and I know that I've learned tons from connecting with other worship folks this year.

    Doing ministry in Canada is pretty unique. We are much further along the post-Christian spectrum than most of the US - that's my observation, at least. There is not much antagonistic emotion here towards the church but lots of indifference. The church in Canada has been largely ineffective at impacting, reacting to or shaping culture and predictably church and church life has simply become something that happens in the margins of life.

    I came to faith as a teenager and began leading worship right away. Actually I had been playing on worship teams before I got saved - I know there's been some good discussion here about the theology of that! I was involved for lots of years with camps and campus ministries and eventually had the opportunity to be a part of a music ministry that did lots of travelling, leading worship for churches, schools, camps, other ministries, etc etc. Doing that while going to school was challenging but incredibly rewarding. In 2005 I got a very clear call to enter local church ministry and ended up in Orangeville.

    Orangeville is a town of about 30,000 and is made up primarily of people who commute to work. This has a significant impact on community in our town - people are SO busy that church sometimes becomes something else on the task list and actually can take away from other things that are important. We've tried to make a real effort over the past couple of years to simplify what we do so that we are not over-burdening our people with expectations.

    Orangeville Baptist Church will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 4 years and we are the largest church in our region. We have around 700 or 800 people here on a Sunday morning between our two adult services and our fantastic kids program. We are elder-led and congregationally accountable, if you care about that sort of thing

    The worship ministry here is made up of about 40 volunteers who are split up between our music teams (band and vocals), projection (we use EasyWorship) and audio. People here serve about once every three weeks and we use the same team for both services on Sunday morning - same presentation, same content, etc.

    Hopefully that's some good info to get started here. Looking forward to talking and learning alongside folks here.


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    Cool!!!! another Worship Leader from Canada. Orangeville Ont? I`m about 150 Kilometers Northeast of You. welcome! I`m sure we will trip over each other somewhere here. SO later.


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      Chris, glad you are joining the gang here!
      Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
      blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

      Please check out my piano/instrumental music at:


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        Originally posted by Joseph View Post
        Cool!!!! another Worship Leader from Canada. Orangeville Ont? I`m about 150 Kilometers Northeast of You. welcome! I`m sure we will trip over each other somewhere here. SO later.
        What's A Kilometer??? Just kidding, welcome Chris.