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Any Florida Folks here

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  • Any Florida Folks here

    Hey, I just wanted to see if there were any Florida people around here. If so let me know where you are at, I think it would be great to meet some local people in addition to the ones I will meet from other areas.

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    I am about 45 minutes from the FL line. I am about 1 hour from Jacksonville.


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      I'm in Florida. I think you said you're in Winter Haven in one of your other posts. I'm in Port Richey, so we're like an hour and a half from each other. Nice to have another Florida boy on the forum.


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        I'm in Florida, but a lot of people think of it as Lower Alabama. We live in Gulf Breeze, just outside Pensacola.


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          nice to see some other Florida folks on here. Who knows, maybe some time I could come and visit your churches.


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            hey gang -
            I need to post a forum-wide announcement, but one thing we've done here is start a monthly "TheWorshipCommunity - Local Edition" gathering where we have lunch and talk about worship, etc. It's harder to do with out-of-towners, but try hooking up with some of the other worship pastors in your town ... that's a good way to get them engaged here at TWC as well!
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              Originally posted by carguy1 View Post
              nice to see some other Florida folks on here. Who knows, maybe some time I could come and visit your churches.
              Y'all come on!


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                I still feel like a misfit here in blazing hot IOWA! where the current temp is round' 16 degrees right now!
                any of you have good contacts at a reliable car dealership for an F and I guy?
                I didn't mean to be inaccurate, but I wasn't trying to be precise.


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                  Englewood, FL

                  ...but only about five times a year. Plan to retire there in about five years. We worship at Lakeside Lutheran Church in Venice, FL. I fumble around with accoustic and hollow body electric...love to sing and am in a quartet and two choirs. I have a couple of music software programs that are awesome.