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I Prefer Paper, Not Electronic.

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  • I Prefer Paper, Not Electronic.

    This is a snapshot of one of my worship folio's pages. The reason why I share this is to demonstrate how I choose to do the music. It is set up so that I can be as fully spontaneous with the limitations of our established song repertoire.

    Note that these songs represent two pages of the medium-to-slow songs in the key of A. They flow together. I can easily jump from one song to the next. I can just play the chorus of one, and jump to a bridge of another. They flow easily, as I feel the Spirit's lead. The other pages are in other keys, or tempos.

    Note that the sides of these pages have tabs chistled on their sides. So I can flip easily to a set of D songs I feel so led.

    This also doesn't prevent me from creating an established list: I can easily put post-it notes on the side, and flip them in the order they need be. But I like just rolling with the flow; sometimes I get inspired to jump from the original plan, and make sure the other players can follow along with me.

    As it currently stands, there is nothing in the electronic format that comes close to this. The two letter-sized pages put together are bigger than the biggest iPad on the market. If another person has an iPad, though, I let him know the slide # for him to switch to.

    Just thought I'd share. I apologize for any copyright infringements from sharing this (there is a CCLI#, at the bottom of the page). I'm more interested in demonstrating what I use, than sharing proprietary info.

    ETA: If you want a custom songbook for yourself, check out this Fiverr gig.
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    Man, that is super cool.
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      I like it- in my 'work' band, our lead singer has all his stuff on iPad and when we change a song order or something he has to scroll through his iPad and find it- it's fun to give him a hard time about it.

      Everyone has a system that works for them- you sure don't have to update, reboot, charge or connect a good old-fashioned sheet of paper.

      I tease my millennial friends that yes I may not be as proficient in gadgetry as some of them are, but at least I still know how to function when the gadgetry goes down...
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      • NickAlexander
        NickAlexander commented
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        > a good old-fashioned sheet of paper

        It's even better than that. It's card stock, so it's sturdier (and easier to flip to direct pages, by way of the chistled tabs on the side). And it has a nice calm blue tinge, to allow for less eye-sore.

        Thanks for your encouragement!

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      You gotta do whatever works for you. If that's paper, more power to you! I switched to electronic devices a while back and I don't think I'll ever go back.


      • NickAlexander
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        That's cool. As I noted elsewhere, I would gladly switch to electronic, if there was a way for it to serve my needs. For all the benefits of electronic, I can't for the life of me figure out how to replicate in electronic what I do (namely, the freedom to jump from song-to-song so fluidly as the Spirit leads) on paper card stock. All it takes is some app redesign that would allow that to happen. Perhaps it's out there, and I am unaware of its existence. Until then, I must continue with what I've got.

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      I also prefer paper - there's just something about it. Plus it's nice to reduce some screentime.