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    I have often searched for a worship forum where we can discuss and evaluate specific worship songs (everything from theology to lyrical creativity to musical style to sing-ability).
    Is there any interest on this forum for having that kind of a discussion category?

    My intent is not to viciously rip songs apart, or to debate endlessly issues like the merits of CCM worship, or traditional vs. contemporary styles. But I do find it helpful to talk about why we consider certain songs great for worship and others not so great, or why our favourites are our favorites and why others are on our "I'll never sing that" list.

    So, I'm looking for candid, but respectful, discussion.
    Any interest in that sort of thing around here?

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    We've had a few here over the years. Some you might find, but a couple years back, the forum changed formats and the archived posts were lost in transition.

    We could- they just don't seem to end well. You'd think a group of Christians could have a candid but respectful discussion about this stuff and it would be productive, but that's not always the case. I am glad to say, this place is better than many when it comes to that stuff. The crew that's been here awhile respects differences of opinion, and there are differences of opinion. For the most part, it's fruitful discussion. But some people just want to come in and start a debate for debate's sake and it devolves pretty quick.

    There's a couple of fairly recent threads about 'King of My Heart" and keys of songs where we discuss this stuff, and they went ok. Usually if someone has a question about a specific song or situation, people chime in with different perspectives and it's a good discussion. So I'd suggest if you have a specific question(s) about specific song(s), ask away. As far as a general open-ended discussion, there probably won't be much activity from people whose opinions are worth hearing.
    If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


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      Totally understand that. Debating songs can be a risky venture.
      Thanks, I'll just do as you suggested.