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  • Fire

    Hi. We have a fire burning out of control and now coming into the city. Homes are burning. This is our third fire in a year. Please pray for the firefighters, for the people losing their homes, and for those evacuating especially the elderly. The freeways are jammed and roads are closed so getting in to help anybody is nearly impossible. I have friends and church family members in the path of canyon winds which are gusting at 40-50 miles per hour.


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    Watched on television 6 houses burn. Two firefighters burned.


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      Practical Worship

      Please Pray For My Wife


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        lifted tonight


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          prayers lifted!
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            Vic, keep us in the loop, oK?
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              watching it...and praying.

              Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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                Praying from Paradise

                Praying for you--I live up by Chico in Paradise where two of a the major fires were last summer...scary stuff. Hang in there.


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                  Over 70 homes gone and still completely out of control. Two churches threatened at this point as well. A heavily populated area is being hastily evacuated. I was at work until 8 and watched 1/2 of a mountain above my school burn. Santa Barbara is about 6 miles wide from the foothills to the ocean so once it comes down into the area, there isn't going to be a whole lot that can be done. My home is on the outskirts of town, so I'm safe, but many friends are not. Please keep praying especially that the winds will die down. Still getting 50-60 miles per hour wind gusts. I don't know if my school will be open tomorrow due to air quality and the fact that we are only a mile from the mandatory evacuation boundary. It is horrible, scary and devastating for those who are fleeing from their homes.


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                    Our school has been closed. We are on red flag warning until 10am tomorrow which means high winds. Please pray that they end faster. Continue to pray for the firefighters. There is 10 % containment at this point. Close to 30,000 people have been evacuated (I think our population is around 80,000-90,000) 11 firefighters have been injured but most have returned to the fire line. 3 were taken to the burn center in Sherman Oaks but are in stable condition. Morning pictures look absolutely devastating. Thanks for praying.
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                      No lives lost, an absolute miracle considering the size of this fire and its proximity to a populated area. Thank you for praying and praise the Lord it was not the absolute disaster it could have been. Some hot spots remain but if the fog continues to stay nice and thick, they should have it completely contained very soon. All but 350 residents are back at home.

                      Thanks again for all of the prayers.

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