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Looking for some prayer

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  • Looking for some prayer

    Hey Gang,

    i'd like to ask for you all to pray for my back. My doctor thinks I blew a disc, which really sucks, because for the past 2 weeks i've been bed ridden... which has stopped me from being out with my students, and leading worship and.. well pretty much everything..

    my back has only been well enough to get out of bed for 10 minutes each day and go get the mail...

    it also sucks for my wife, because we are moving this month on the 28th, and I havent been able to help her pack..

    also if i can be so bold as to ask for prayer for one more thing.. i have a little over a year left in my current contract.. youth unlimited has asked me to renew, but, both my wife and I are seeking God on this one, because, while its a great job, we want to be sure that this is where God is calling us. we've been offered a job (for when my contract is up) which would put us back in our home city... we're currently about 15 hours away from our family... this would put us 30 mins from my wifes fam and 3 hours from mine.. so, of course the selfish part of us wants to take that job, but, there is so much happening in our church, that we would hate to leave now... my job with youth unlimited at this point isn't whats keeping us here... so please, pray for direction

    thanks in advance for your prayers
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    Please Pray For My Wife


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        Will certainly pray right now.
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