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Worshiper in spirit and in truth, A way of life!

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  • Worshiper in spirit and in truth, A way of life!

    John 4:23 But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father seeks such to worship Him.
    John 4:24 God is a spirit, and they who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.

    What is worship? Worship is a way of life that runs through my veins, my blood, I eat, sleep, breath, etc. worship. Worship is a tool the Lord gives us in our lives to use in every facet and area of our lives. Worship breaks down the walls of hardened hearts. Worship brings the atmosphere of reverence to the Lord. When we worship, our spirit is stirred up by His Spirit within us and brings us to deeper level of truth in Christ because when His presence comes down upon it awakens the very depths of our heart and soul and therefore nothing can reside but His truth within us. Who He is in us, who we are in Him, His plans and purpose for our lives. His spirit of wisdom and revelations that brings Glory to Him.

    We are all called to worship, but not all answer the call of worship, because it requires a deeper level of commitment and sacrifice of our self. When it becomes a way of life, it is a source of strength and peace in the midst of circumstances. It is a source of wisdom and revelation because it is when we are completely surrendered to His Spirit, our eyes of understanding are opened. There is no hindrance we won't allow to come in. We we answer the call of worship, our gifts and talents given by the Lord is taken to a higher level. A level of responsibility and accountability to Christ and His people who are constantly watching us.

    Are we performing or are we bringing people into the presence of God? At times we don't even realize we are bringing people to Him, it's not work, it's part of the calling, when He anoints us to worship, He does the rest, He draws them to Him through our obedience to Him. To worship Him in spirit and in truth. It's not practice or rehearsal, we are preparing ourselves in the presence of God so that His perfect WILL be done in the services, etc. EVEN when we are working out the details in our vocals, instruments, worship songs, the sound, etc. the Lord is preparing our hearts for the ministry ahead of us because He is drawing and preparing the hearts of the people and when we get up to lead we usher in what God already began and we allow Him to finish it through the surrendering of our hearts. If this is a way of life, He shows us anywhere we are, it doesn't have to be in a building, it could be in your personal devotion time, or your driving, doing dishes, in the store, in the shower, it doesn't matter where, when it is a way of life for you, your in Him, and He is in you. He is with you every moment of your life, in everything you do. Someone can be watching and may desire what you have because it just shows. Our life is WORSHIP! I love it!


    singing songs
    a way of life for a christian believer, a condition of the heart
    being on stage

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    Are we performing or are we bringing people into the presence of God?
    Does it have to be either/or? I'd say we can be performing (as a verb, not condition of the heart) AND bring people into His Presence.

    I think the poll should have "all of the above"!
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      I covered this subject in my Blog a little bit ago. It is funny that you would post this poll just now. I was thinking today that I would come on here and put up a post about what people thought about worship.

      Personally, I think that we tend to limit ourselves in our expressions of worship. Worship, to me, is anything we do that expresses our love towards God. This can be music, and so much more. I am getting ready to approach my pastor about starting a Worship Ministry. The goal of this ministry would be to help people determine how it is that they worship. I believe that worship is very individual in its expression. For most of us on here our expression is music. However, for many others that may not be the case. I envision taking a group of people, giving them a canvas and paint and then asking them to use that canvas and paint to show me how much they love God. I can see the sanctuary walls lined with these paintings. Is this so different from what song writters do when they writed new songs, or what musicians and singers do when they play or sing.

      Beyond that I think that all of these things are expressions of worship, but that worship is a way of life. Our expressions of worship tell God how much we love him, but our lives show him.


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        Worship, a way of life

        I agree, worship is an expression of who we are, who Christ created for His Glory. I think it is such a beautiful idea to use a canvas to paint as an expression of their love for God. I know a few wonderful people who does just that, and the Lord inspires them through painting and it is absolutely beautiful. I think the feeling and/or passion that we get, whether we are singing, dancing, writing songs, painting, writing a book, or behind the pulpit, etc. or just living our lives for Him, comes from the depths of our hearts. It is a way of expressing our love and reverence towards the Lord.

        I know when I write songs, or a drama productions, even when I choreograph dance routines, the passion within me for Christ is expressed in those giftings. It allows me to share what the Lord has done or doing in my life. It's so awesome to have the freedom to express our love and passion for Christ and for the things of God.

        Thank you so much for sharing, it's such a blessing to hear from others who feel the same way. Lord Bless.


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          This subject of worship has been a discussion lately within our church leadership. My personal opinion is that as far as the church services go, worship should continue in everything we do. Our scripture reading is worship, our offering is worship, our music is worship, our sermon's are worship. It is in everything we do.

          As the "worship leader" I try to choose songs and words that have meat, and meaning. I want the songs to draw people in and help in their worship experience. But I get annoyed with those who "need" a particular song or style to enter into the presence of God with true worship.

          One of the older folks in our church made the statement that he remembered when he came to church each Sunday to see if God could "outdo" what He did last week. Hello!!! When did we stop expecting God? Are we inviting Him into our presence, or are we entering INTO His presence. Aren't we to come prepared and ready for what God will do?

          In my pastor's previous church he did a 3 month study on worship. He invited all types of "christian" faiths, including a Jewish rabbi to come in and complete their churches "typical" service. He taught how each church views and sees and actively "worships". I think that is such an awesome idea.

          I pray and seek God each week for what songs I need to use. I pray that people would come ready and expecting, and those who do not yet know Jesus, would see people who truly love God and want to worship and adore Him.

          Anyway, that's my thoughts....

          I enjoyed reading yours.