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Question about Kickstarter

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  • Question about Kickstarter

    I need some advice about getting my Kickstarter campaign more exposure. I arrange for the praise team at Stough Memorial Baptist in Pineville, NC, and I'm trying to fund a professional recording of the songs using Kickstarter. So far I've emailed most of the congregation at my church through the planning center, sent FB messages, interviewed with a local cable channel, and placed an ad on this forum, and still the campaign is not gaining much more traction. Has anyone else done a Kickstarter campaign through their church that may have some advice? Thank you!


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    Josh, take this for what you want, I'm just asking questions and passing NO judgement because I do not know you, your church, and haven't heard the music.

    Exposure happens when a project catches on, Kickstarter success is almost exclusively viral. If you aren't providing either the quality of product or filling a fun and/or real need, people aren't going to kick you and certainly aren't going to be talking about it. If you can't get momentum from a few backers sharing with others, it is probably the product you are offering and not the campaign exposure that is to blame. If you can say that you've had direct contact with your church people through PCO and FB and you aren't getting the support, then maybe it isn't something people want.

    I'm curious about why you aren't doing this in/through your church. People could then make tax deductible (and therefore maybe larger) donations to the project.
    Travis Paulding,
    Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church


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      I agree with Travis - ultimately, this comes down to the people in your church. They are going to be your strongest backers, as well as your best advertising to others. Unless some of those existing backers can really spread the word with some excitement, I think you're unlikely to see much support outside of your congregation. At that point, it's really just a question of whether you have the support and financial resources within your church to take on the project.
      Eric Frisch