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  • Church Promo Video

    I was hired at a church to mainly be the worship leader or music director, but I also am used when it comes to techie things as well.

    I was thinking it would be a very good idea to have some sort of "promotional video", probably like 1 minute or less, to help introduce the church and tell a few things about it. I know people do not like a lot of text and a short 1 minute (or even less) video would be really nice. Music is easy to get because the Pastor is a classical guitarist and we can record our own music using him.

    I was wondering, what would be the best thing to put on this video (script)? What is the best way to use this one minute (or even less) to capture the viewers attention?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Show real people doing real things. In you script, be clear about who you are, and how people can connect with you.


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      I suggest focusing on what makes your community different. It's a difficult balance for sure though. Obviously, you'd want to make sure you let people know that you love Jesus but everyone is going to expect a church to say that. How do you express it? What do you offer for my family?
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        I agree with the 'real people doing real things'- to me, here's what that means.

        - Not appearing too 'scripted'- with the standard cliches and colloquialisms, with over-rehearsed talking points, etc. What you might consider is drafting some questions to interview people with, but not share the questions ahead of time. Things like 'What makes our church special to you?' or 'if you were to describe your typical church experience to a friend, what would you say?' then use their answers as a testimonial of sorts over some 'B' footage of different things going on related to the person's topic.

        Like if you ask one of the moms to share what her kids are doing, as she's describing it, have 5-10 seconds of footage showing some kids' church activities going on. Maybe get a parent that can promote the kids' ministry, a newer attendee/member that can share how people made them feel welcome, a teen that can share about what the youth are learning, and a seasoned member that can speak to how it's been home for them for 10 years.

        Id may not seem like it, but 1 minute is a long time when you start doing video editing. Each 'testimonial' can be 10 seconds (or even less), you could have a 10-15 second soundbite from the pastor with a 'punch line' statement or mini 'elevator speech' hitting the main points of your mission, there are a lot of options.

        Look around at some promo videos online- or just go to youtube and take notes about how they assemble those annoying 30 second ad videos lol

        If you have video sermons, etc. on the site, I would avoid being redundant- meaning, those videos, people can watch (or listen if audio) and get a feel for the pastor. I'd focus more on the peripherals like culture and community, involving the members/attendees more than the staff. Having a mom saying she trusts the childrens' ministry staff with her babies carries a lot of weight.
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          I don't know if this will be useful to you or not as it's longer than what you envisioned, but it may give you some ideas of how to organize your message. A while back a film crew came in to put together a promo video at our church for a possible reality TV show on Discovery or NatGeo. The video is on the link below about halfway down the page.


          You can see what they tried to do is show the church in action and the key things that differentiate the ministry through short interview statements, background music, and assorted video shots of the church doing what it does. Maybe it will promote some ideas of how to do yours.
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