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Extended Pentecost Worship Set, and "Why Worship?"

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  • Extended Pentecost Worship Set, and "Why Worship?"

    Hi all...

    Earlier today I posted my latest podcast online. In it, I crafted a lengthy worship set combining praise choruses, hymns, original compositions and Gregorian chant, all focused upon the Holy Spirit, celebrating Pentecost Sunday.

    I also share my thoughts as to "Why Worship?" I go into a reflection where I combine the themes of the Holy Spirit with that of why it is that we worship God. It's a simple question, but every now and then it's worth probing.

    If you are inclined to listen to podcasts to be edified and grow, perhaps to gain ideas, feel free to check mine out as well. If you have any constructive criticisms, feel free to share with me here or on the board. I can learn a lot from you all...

    Nick Alexander
    Host, The Prayer Meeting Podcast
    Worship that is Contemporary, Traditional, Charismatic, Contemplative, Spontaneous, based on the Church calendar, play it whenever you want.
    Find out what Nick Alexander can do for your conference, retreat or workshop.

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    Nick, I'm so glad that you are still doing this podcast! It is great! I just recently started mine back up at the end of last month (thegatheringplace.podbean.com). After doing about 150 episodes last year, I needed a break! I would encourage you to keep edifying the Body of Christ with your podcast. There are very few podcasts on the net in regard to worship and the church. Much needed!

    - Kevin