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Favorite Streaming Church Services?

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  • Favorite Streaming Church Services?

    Hello all...

    A few weeks ago Shannon shared on another post how he greatly admired the worship at Grace Midtown (among others). I did a search on that site and saw they had a service that they streamed over the web. This past Sunday I sampled some of the worship (as best as I could... I was getting ready for my own service then).

    Anyway, it got me thinking. Are there other "cutting-edge" or "favorite" worship services that I ought to check out, for my research as to where the pulse of P&W is nowadays? I can't say I'm sold on the worship-team-as-performers-model (in contrast to worship-team-as-facilitators-in-congregational-singing-model), but I am open to having my mind changed.
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    Check out bridgechurch.tv it is streamed live Sunday at 9:45 and then put on their web site to be watched anytime later.


    • NickAlexander
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      > to be watched anytime later.

      Sorry to be nosy, but do they have the proper licenses for this?

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    Yes they do!