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I'm So Excited for my Latest Podcast

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  • I'm So Excited for my Latest Podcast

    Hi all!

    Just a quick blurb: I invite you to check out the latest prayer meeting podcast, which I have worked most diligently on this whole week, and am quite proud of the end result.

    Podcast feed
    Prayer Meeting Podcast direct page

    You see, this is likely to be the most unique from all other worship experiences you may find on the web.

    For this podcast, I celebrate "Waiting Here For You", as sung by Christy Nockels and written by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves and Martin Smith (from Delirious?). I demonstrate how I would play the song, and if you play worship guitar, you'll see my methodology in action, as I walk you through how I interpret new songs. I find that this would be most invaluable to all worship guitarists.

    Before I reach that moment, I have an extended worship set, comprised solely of familiar, rare, and original worship songs, in regards to the current Advent season. This is "ancient-future" worship in action; praise choruses leading to hymns, leading to new worship leading to ancient chant. The prayers are both contemplative and charismatic, liturgical and spontaneous. It's something fresh.

    After the worship session, I share my thoughts about Advent, and link these thoughts to the popular perennial "It's A Wonderful Life." I guarantee you've never heard the lessons I draw from this.

    It is my hope that this podcast becomes a wonderful tool for your personal worship.
    It is my hope that if you have an original worship song, that this podcast can prove to be a wonderful way to introduce it to the world.
    It is my hope that if you have a solid worship band, that you can be profiled for the worship session.
    It is my hope that if you are hurting, or you know someone who is, and are in need of prayer and encouragement, that this would be a great source of strength for you.

    Thanks for listening!

    Podcast feed
    Prayer Meeting Podcast direct page
    Nick Alexander
    Host, The Prayer Meeting Podcast
    Worship that is Contemporary, Traditional, Charismatic, Contemplative, Spontaneous, based on the Church calendar, play it whenever you want.
    Find out what Nick Alexander can do for your conference, retreat or workshop.