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Coming Soon. A new worship podcast.

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  • Coming Soon. A new worship podcast.

    Hello all...

    Sometime within the next month, I hope to get off the ground a new endeavor that I am participating in. I am bringing this to your attention because you very well may be interested in what it can do for your music.

    Long story short: I am going to craft a podcast that will best mimic an old-school charismatic prayer meeting. (Of one. In a closet). That is, it will be a combination of worship songs (performed live, raw, non-tweaked, and ordered w a little spontanaiety), and a message/reflection.*

    The message/reflection will be an opportunity to improve my public speaking skills/comic chops, to help provide others with content that will be valuable to their walks, and, for those inclined, to guage whether I would be a good fit to bring in for a keynote or retreat. (And for those who have a similar calling, feel free to send me a private email).

    The worship will be a combination of public domain hymns (some of which will appear new), "author unknown" praise choruses, my own songs, and, (*ahem*), any song from a songwriter friend--who owns their material 100%--and is willing to forgo Digital Performance Rights License Fees, in return for promotion of their song, their album, their songbook, their website, their services.

    I do not know how many people will listen in. I *do* know that there are many religious podcasts out there with a good message, but do not have any worship associated with it. I *do* know that there are (some) worship podcasts out there about the practice and art of worship, but not actually doing so. I *do* know that there are churches out there that podcast their messages, and perhaps a worship song leading up to that, but are not really addressing the podcasting community directly. I *do* know that there are very few worship song podcast sites that actually do worship--and these sites do not include lyrics to their original songs, and have abstained from hymns or other public domain songs.

    There is a good discussion as to why there are limitations to the choice of music I use on the site. I don't wish to get into it here, but this seems to be the only rational solution. Being that I am a little bit invigorated by the challenge of doing a worship song set without relying upon the CCLI copyrighted standards, it has given me an opportunity to delve into songs that have been often pushed aside for the sake of satiating a public into the contemporary commercialized (or 70s-80s commercialized) worship music scene. But this is a tangent.

    Here's an action list:
    1) If you have a worship song that you own 100% of the rights to, and wish for me to evaluate it for inclusion in a podcast, you must GET THIS IN MUSIC NOTATION, get it copyrighted, get it CCLI'd (www.ccli.com), make a cheap YouTube video, and email me the PDF of the notation as soon as everything else is done.*
    2) If you would like to be interviewed for the podcast--NOT to highlight your illustrious worship career--but instead if you have a FANTASTIC anecdotal/funny/heartbreaking/*P*ractical idea for a short talk for an ecumenical audience, feel free to PM me. (Promoting your music projects will be a side benefit).
    3) If you do graphic design, I may have a project for you; PM me.
    4) If you have a favorite hymn or "author unknown" praise chorus(PUBLIC DOMAIN ONLY--double check) that you would like me to cover, please PM me.
    5) When the podcast actually gets released, feel free to listen, and provide feedback. If you like what you hear, perhaps your parish bulletin would like it too?

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    Nick Alexander
    Host, The Prayer Meeting Podcast
    Worship that is Contemporary, Traditional, Charismatic, Contemplative, Spontaneous, based on the Church calendar, play it whenever you want.
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    Hi Nick,
    The Lord bless you in this new endeavor! As you mentioned, this is a need in the podcast world. Bryan Clift did this for several years, and it was such a blessing to my life. He passed away a while back, unfortunately This is something that the Lord has put on my heart a month ago as well. I started a Daily Worship podcast at thegatheringplace.podbean.com, or type "The Gathering Place" in Itunes. It's a brief, 15 minute or so time of worship, prayer, and the Word. It was originally meant for just our church body, but it is growing an audience quickly. I believe this is because people are hungry for worship, and a devotional in this form. I would love to connect with you at some point. If there's anything that I can do to help you get this started, please let me know.

    -Kevin Williams
    The Gathering Place
    Pineville, LA
    - kevin@tgpchurch.org


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      Cool! I'm gonna check your podcast out! Maybe I can get advice on music levels...
      Nick Alexander
      Host, The Prayer Meeting Podcast
      Worship that is Contemporary, Traditional, Charismatic, Contemplative, Spontaneous, based on the Church calendar, play it whenever you want.
      Find out what Nick Alexander can do for your conference, retreat or workshop.


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        I'm not an audio tech guy at all, but I'm learning a little bit more every day that I do this! That's probably the area that I feel least qualified in. Normally, I record at 6 in the morning, to have it uploaded to our Podbean site by 7.

        I use a Shure SM7-B mic for talking/singing, and a Roland Rd-700 NX for keys (with lots of pads layered). We use Presonus Studio One as a DAW for audio (which by the way, is GREAT).