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  • Web Site for Music Ministry

    Let me know if this has already been covered somewhere.

    Does anyone use a website, blog, etc. to share information with the music ministry volunteers? By information I am thinking of upcoming song lists (for pre-practicing), practice times, news, etc.

    If so, what is the best web tool for doing this? A blog site? Google Docs? Do you use the church website? (I am a music minister at a small church and doubtful that the web administrator will be able to make any significant changes to the church website for me.)

    Right now we use email, and it gets quite cumbersome tracking all this information in an inbox!



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    In the past I've used Google Groups (an email based list/discussion format) and Google Docs (spreadsheets with all the files we use).

    Currently where I serve at now Planning Center Online is the go to solution. I must admit, I really like PCO, but if money is an issue the Google set up really worked fine for us.

    I know others who swear by PCO and will tell you that if you have to cut something else from your budget or even get the team members to pitch in it's worth the investment.
    Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church .He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.


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      I have used a collaboration site called AirSet for a number of years. It used to be free, but now costs $5/month for 20GB of space. I maintain a group calendar, store all files (lead sheets, audio files, etc.), and manage team messaging from there. There are plenty of other tools as well, but those are the ones I use most frequently. If you're interested in taking it for a test drive, let me know, and I'll set you up with membership to my team's space.


      (BTW, I've even managed to convince our music director to use it to organize his teams and, trust me, if knew him you would understand this is no small feat.)


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        A pastor at a church I was at previously used Airset and really liked it. The problem was it wasn't very musically oriented. It's a great planning and collaboration tool, but doesn't do much for things like order of service, charts, etc.

        I've got to give a big HUGE thumbs up for PCO. If you're extremely limited in your resources, at least start out with the free version. I'm sure you'll see how useful it is. Having the storage to upload rehearsal tracks and PDF files is a huge bonus too.



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          We use Planning Center Online. It's affordable and has changed/revolutionized how we communicate and do ministry with volunteers. www.planningcenteronline.com


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            Great tips, as always, guys.

            I'll give each of these ideas a whirl.



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              I had a Ning site that I used for everything. It was kind of like giving the keys to an Audi RS8 to someone who only goes to the grocery store once a week. They didn't use any of the features or interact with it very much. They got on, got their lists, and did their social networking on Facebook. My blunder was putting out something that seemed to be trying to compete with Facebook for social stuff.

              So, I'm in the process of working out what I'm going to do now, and I'm thinking I'm going to use Spruz or SocialGO, create a social networking site for logon/logoff purposes, link it with facebook, and try and make it an integrated part of how they already socially network. No forums, gifts, widgets, or anything. Just a clean, integrated extension of their existing social networking means that also provides them information and content specific to their calling in our worship/media ministry.


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                If all you're looking to do is send out setlists and schedule events and rehearsals, then Planning Center has a free option. It's limited, but worth a look.

                Personally, we have a PCO account, but most of our team preferred using Facebook messages. Actually, it works out pretty well. Most of them are on FB most of the time anyway, and you can use it from any pc or even a dumbphone.