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Who uses rear projection?

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  • Who uses rear projection?

    Or any kind of display screen in the back of the room for lyrics for the worship team/leaders on the platform to see?

    Wondering if I should bother with trying to implement. If it is generally something that people don't really value, then i won't get to worked up over trying to set it up.

    Secondary question, have you ever used it to get messages to the people on the platform? As in, reminding my forgetful pastor to call the worship team first for communion? I understand the risk of congregants seeing them, but they'd be succinct and very quick. Just wondering if thats a thing people do.

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    We have it and use it, sort of. It is very useful during rehearsals so I can keep an eye on the screens and catch any mistakes or typos. However I ask my teams not to rely on the rear screen during services; we typically have volunteers running the lyrics, and it is not uncommon for them to change the screen a bit too late for us to catch the next line.


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      We are using it in our elementary room now and looking to add to main services and students next year. We use a Hitachi short throw projector and ProPresenter's stage display on the back wall. It's awesome, people singing no longer use stands/sheet music (musicians still do). With Pro5's set up you can show current and next slides in addition to three timers, current time, notes attached to slides, and a stage message for communicating with people on stage.

      There is always the risk with lag from an operator but with it showing current and next screens at once, that isn't a huge deal. It also helps our worship leaders, they know that if what they see next is not where they are heading, they can give a vocal cue for the chorus or whatever.

      I'm attaching two pics, one is an approximation of how our's is laid out (I recreated in my office instead of going to the kid's theater) and the other is all the stage display options, since we don't show everything in our layout. All of these windows are draggable and resizable.
      Travis Paulding,
      Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church


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        We have a flat screen on the back wall of our sanctuary and my signers love it. They have music on a stand also but some like the screen in the back. I like it also because I can see what the congregation is seeing and know if there is a problem with the words.

        We have never sent the pastor a message on it but it is a great idea and I might start!!


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          Keep in mind saying "rear projection" in the AV world usually means the projector sits behind the screen- which I've used before. I helped out some folks in a startup church with music for a few months and it was held in an auditorium. They had rear projection screens sitting on the front corners of the stage and the projectors sat about 10 feet behind the screens.

          It worked great as long as no one walked between the screens and the projectors.

          As far as "projecting on the rear wall", done with and without.

          Upside is it makes the words readily available to the singers. Downside is that if there is a problem or the operator is slow, it throws the singers off.
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            I've never personally used rear projection, but it sounds interesting. Do you have any examples of rear projection in the church you can share- like a photo or video showing it?


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              We use the rear projection and have ProPresenter 5. About a year ago we eliminated the issue (frustration) of the multimedia person lagging on the next slide by implementing the current slide/next slide feature in Pro5, thus even if there is lag with the congregation getting the next slide, my singers and I can always look ahead.