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"Easy" Worship Problems

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  • "Easy" Worship Problems

    So easy worship used to work great for us until we started to incorporate transition videos and also our new presonus board runs in the background with easyworship running at the same time. I've been told our computer is adequate to do the job but it is clearly having issues with crashing. Any recomendations?

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    Do you know the specs on your computer?

    How many other programs are you running at the same time?

    Often by the 'numbers', your machine may have enough power if you run it as a stand-alone program, but if you are trying to run 4-5 different programs, it may be an issue.

    What you could do is start with the easy worship running and start adding things in until it starts crashing. Videos (especially if they are big files) take a lot of capacity to operate.

    Is there any other non-essential programs running, like it being on-line, etc?
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