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Trying to imigrate from EasyWorship to ProProjector

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  • dtpuga
    Not sure what ProProjector is. Did you mean ProPresenter? If so, you can create a template and then start applying it to songs as you use them. There are some tweaks that will need to be made probably with line breaks so I would suggest applying the template as you need the songs and checking them as you go.

    There is also a lot of ProPresenter support here: http://forums.renewedvision.com/

    All that being said, if you meant ProProjector... sorry, I can't help you.

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  • Trying to imigrate from EasyWorship to ProProjector

    Hey guys,

    So we been using Easyworship for quite a while,and we decided to change to Proprojector thinking it was much better.So far the video is great,but is there a way to make all the fonts of songs imported,defaulted to one font?It seems we were able to do this in easyworship,but not proprojector.it always defaults to a font much smaller

    Any help,would be greatly appreciated