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Best Presentation Software for Itinerants?

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  • Best Presentation Software for Itinerants?


    I have a Powerpoint presentation software on my Vista laptop. It's low-budget and it works dandy. I'm an itinerant presenter, and I don't have the backing of a church to fund my invites.

    However now I think I need to update my software so that the video in the background runs continuously, while the foreground text changes. Powerpoint does not do this.

    I see a large number of sites have come out and provided this.

    What is the best software that I can use (on my VISTA laptop), that can provide a per-use payment (as opposed to a subscription model)? That would also make it easy for my current Powerpoint to be uploaded onto the new system?

    I've held out for so long; it's time for a change.


    P.S. If this can be done using an iPad, I'm open...
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