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New free presentation software - FreeWorship

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  • New free presentation software - FreeWorship

    A few friends and myself have been developing a piece of worship presentation software for our Christian Union and our churches to use, FreeWorship (www.freeworship.org.uk). The Christian Union can't afford any paid solution and nothing we could find had the all the features were looking for so we wrote our own. We thought that as we spent a lot of time working on it we would share it with everyone to make the most of it. It's totally free, we use it and that's our payoff. FreeWorship is for Windows and its been tested from XP-Win8.

    Some of the features we have included so far are:
    • Displaying songs, images, videos, bible passages and notes.
    • Quick Edit - Songs can be edited quickly, right in the verse selector, to easily fix spelling mistakes at the last minute.
    • Fast lyrics search - With FreeWorship you can use a full text lyrics search to find songs faster than basic keyword and title searches.
    • Auto-Verse - When song lyrics are searched the best match verse in a song is automatically selected so that you are ready to display that missing song as quick as possible.
    • Dynamic database - FreeWorship's database has been designed from the ground up to allow for easy syncing between multiple users. You can even update the database as you display allowing multiple users to edit the content whilst presenting.
    • Displays almost any video or image format. It can import bibles from a number of formats to make it easier to find a copy of the right translation.
    • Intuitive Bible passage selection tool
    • Slide themes for fonts & font effects as well as colour, gradient, image and looping video backgrounds.
    • Slide transitions - a selection of transitions can be easily applied. For example, crossfading can be setup in a matter of seconds.
    • Image sets can be looped through emulating a set of slides (currently no support for slides but is planned for future).
    • Add notes to each item in the service list to remind you of key information.
    • Service orders can be saved and opened
    • Song editor - A fully implemented editor for easily adding and edditing songs in OpenLyrics format. Includes both a graphical lyrics editor and a plain text editor.
    • Preview display - See a full preview of how the display will look without presenting the slide to the congregation.
    • Practice mode allows you to use FreeWorship without a second screen
    • Alpha blending - Professional alpha blending with fade transitions between slides, changing layer visibility and toggling screen.
    • Fully compliant with CCLI - Display your copyright license with ease and you will never need to worry about it again.

    If you are still interested to find out more about it we have setup a website www.freeworship.org.uk
    where you can download the latest version for free. Any feedback would be great or if anyone would like to use it but it's missing that all important feature let us know and we'll look into adding it in for you. Reply for any more info or contact us at info@freeworship.org.uk