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  • Convenient Projectors to use

    I need a projector that is easy to bring around and it is small. I would only need it for small classrooms because I would be presenting to small groups of people, and I was wondering what are some affordable and portable projectors can you guys suggest to me. $200-$500 is my budget and I only need to present to 20-30 people at a time!! If you guys can suggest any certain projectors or brands that would be great, and very helpful!!!!

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    If you're working with small groups and small rooms, you might consider one of the "pocket" or "pico" projectors that are out on the market now. Some of them can be USB powered, etc. and would fit in your laptop bag. I don't know much about the specific ones, but have heard pretty good things in general, as long as you don't need a ton of brightness. They'd be right in your budget, too.
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      I currently own a micro projector called M2 micro projector from aaxa technology, and I would say that it is the perfect fit for you. If present in front of 20 people in a small class room this projector should be good enough, and should satisfy your needs. I say the specs arn't the best,30.jpg but for the given size, I say it is top notch. Lemme know if you have any more questions.


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        P300 Projector

        I looked up the M2 micro projector on the aaxa website, and I thought it was a great product. After that I began to research more about aaxa's pico projector, and I came across "The Aaxa Technologies P300 is The World's Brightest Battery Powered Pico Projector", and I looked into the pico projector. It says it has an amazing 300 lumens led projection. I also saw a photo of the projector, and I was pretty amazed. I was wondering can this 300 lumen projector be able to be used with 15 people in the classroom? Thoughts?42.jpg


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          I'm not as much on projection, but from what I know, there are a few factors you want to check.

          1- how far do you have to project the image? This is important because projectors are usually rated for a certain 'throw distance'. A 'small' classroom is ok, but it matters where you put the projector. That's where 'throw distance' factors in. The risk is getting a short throw projector and trying to throw far- it will be blurry and the colors will bleed.

          2.- what screen size do you want? Like throw distance, screen size is another factor- you want to make sure it's big enough to be useful but not so big it's wider than your screen/wall, etc.

          3- brightness- what are you doing? If you are watching a movie with the lights off, that's different than putting up a slideshow in a brightly lit room on the sunny side with the shades open.

          For what you are looking at, the screen size is up to 120 inches, which is pretty good size. One thing to be careful of, you mentioned 300 lumens, but that's only on DC power. Battery is 160 lumens max. Looking at the owners manual on their site, it looks like the throw distance of 8 feet gives a diagonal screen size of 79 inches. The chart stops at 8 feet, so that may mean the optimal throw is 8 feet or somewhere close to that. That isn't necessarily a 'hard and fast' number, but if it's looking like 8 feet is close to optimal, trying to throw it 30 feet would give a muddy picture.

          Hope that helps and gives you an idea of what to look for in a projector.
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            So basically I considered all your guy's opinion and I narrowed it down to two projectors. The first projector that I really been looking at is AAXA p300 pico projector
            , and the other projector I been looking at is the Joybee GP2 pico projector. Both have really good review, some similar specs, but I was wondering what do you guys think I should get for my projector?
            p300_pico_projector_1.jpg412sAsmJanL._SL500_AA300_.jpg HELP PLEASE!