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Need a Camera Recommendation

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  • Need a Camera Recommendation

    I am looking at installing a couple of High Definition PTZ cameras in our sanctuary that we will be able to use to record important events (baptisms, weddings, etc), and for possible use in the near future to broadcast our masses on our website in a live video feed.

    Out of all the cameras I have looked at, I like the Panasonic WV-SC385 Super Dynamic High Definition Dome Network Camera, and it is reasonably priced at just under $1,100 through B&H Photo/Video. The specs for this camera can be found at ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/pub/Panasoni...s/WV-SC385.pdf.

    From the way I understand Network Cameras, I will require an NVR device of some sort; for which I was looking at going with a Qnap VS-2004 Pro VioStor NVR (4-Channel, 2 Bay) with two 2TB Seagate Hard Drives), along with a POE Switch that will power the cameras and hook into the NVR for recording.

    Now, my question is, is this a good camera to do what I need it to do? Is there any other equipment I am going to need to purchase other than the cameras, NVR, POE Switch, and the necessary cabling? Right now, for 2 cameras, I'm looking at about $3,000. Does this cost seem right for the system that I want and envision?

    Thanks for all the assistance.