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Recording Mediashout Lyrics with video & sound for DVD Worship Project

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  • Recording Mediashout Lyrics with video & sound for DVD Worship Project

    Hello Worship Community. My name is Matthew Ahrens, I am the Worship Director for Monterey Bay Teen Challenge. I have been operating lyrics for many churches for several years. I have in the past used Camtasia Studio to record my screen using Shoutplayer to run a saved Mediashout script to record lyrics & the audio & then use this video in Resolume to mix with video backgrounds. However, when I attempt to use a video background in my Mediashout script, Camtasia Studio says I have no audio yet I can operate my script with ShoutPlayer & see the video & hear the sound as I operate the lyrics & record my screen. I'm getting a bit frustrated that Camtasia Studio isn't working properly or if I might have missed a technical step somewhere. My goal is to create Worship DVDs that have pre-recorded Worship songs with the lyrics & visuals or music video to use in a Worship setting when I have no physical band present.

    * I have recently researched Techsmith's website on the Camtasia Studio Audio problem, & have had no luck in solving my Audio problem. Also, I have been trying a few different Audio Drivers from Realtek as I have have the ALC888 Audio Codec for the Realtek HD Audio Controller installed on my Dell N530 Desktop.

    * What baffles me most is that I was able to record system application audio with Camtasia Studio 7 using MediaShout's ShoutPlayer with no problems before I enrolled in Monterey Bay Teen Challenge. Maybe God is hinting at me to invest in a new laptop & do away with my Dell.

    Any help would be so appreciated,

    Matthew Ahrens
    Monterey Bay Teen Challenge Worship Director/Drummer
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