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A little post on setting up OnSong iPad app

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  • A little post on setting up OnSong iPad app

    Hi, I currently use the OnSong app for iPad when I play on the worship team. I wrote up this little how to guide for getting set up for our bass player and thought it might do some good here in this forum.

    It's over at my blog since I embedded a bunch of pictures and stuff:


    Anyone else using OnSong?

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    I have been using it almost a year and do not miss the paper one bit. It's a great app


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      I know the initial investment in iPads can be...salty...but well worth the money. OnSong has been great! Plus all my chord charts I download from WorshipReady.com are OnSong compatible and that's a huge plus. What are others' experience with OnSong, I wonder?


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        I love OnSong!! it was THE reason i bought my first iPad (iPad 2).. Been using it for 2 years now.. I'm using it on a iPad mini now, and its still great!

        I did a whole series (5 parts) on using the iPad in a worship setting, you can check it out below:

        Part 1 OnSong - http://chrisburke.ca/using-ios-devic...orship-onsong/
        Part 2 PageFlip - http://chrisburke.ca/using-ios-devic...ship-pageflip/
        Part 3 Ambient Pads - http://chrisburke.ca/using-ios-devic...-ambient-pads/
        Part 4 SongSuggest - http://chrisburke.ca/using-ios-devic...p-songsuggest/
        Part 5 YouVersion - http://chrisburke.ca/using-ios-devic...ip-youversion/

        I have been thinking about doing another series, and giveaway. It would probably be another series on iPad apps for worship, as my worship app collection has grown since I did this series a year ago. When I did the original series it was sponsored by PageFlip, and I gave away a PageFlip Cicada.. About 2 months later I gave away an AirTurn BT-105 (also sponsored).. Both great pedals in their setting, and you can find out which one I prefer here: http://chrisburke.ca/follow-up-to-ai...players-dream/

        If I was to do another contest, what would be a useful product to giveaway? Please don't say another pedal, as I wouldn't be able to get another one.. Those were sponsored giveaways and I'm sure the companies wouldn't give me another one. Of course if there is another Bluetooth pedal company, I could get that, being a popular pedal reviewer, I can easily convince a different company to provide me with a pedal, but I don't know of another pedal that would be quality, and I don't want to stick someone with a crappy pedal. Also don't say an iPad. I don't make any money with my blog, I just do it for fun, and for the free products I review, so while I'd LOVE to give back to my readers with something like an iPad.. My wife would shoot me... Though if you're an advertiser looking for ad space, hit me up

        So let me know your thoughts on a good giveaway product. I have a few things here that I've done reviews of that are "fun", But they are very inexpensive. The pedals were enticing for people to visit my blog during the series and tell their friends about. Tell me what kind of product you'd be interested in winning, that goes along with the whole "iPad in worship" topic, and I'll make some calls and get the product.

        I also have a review coming up really soon that you'll all be interested in I'm sure.. It's of the not yet released Røde SmartLav.. It's a mic built just or your iOS device. I'm receiving it this week. It's suppose to be a GREAT mic. Fred actually contacted me and might be featuring the review here on the site. The mic is set to release in March and will be $60us. That review should be up, with comparisons to the apple earpod mic, within 2 weeks, on chrisburke.ca