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any help would be great

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  • any help would be great

    I wasn't sure what to put this under but I was wondering if anyone knows of a place you can get Christian designed USB drives in any color and can be purchased inexpensively in bulk? My church's youth pastor is looking for some so he can put our youth conference logo and service recordings on it. I've bounced around the internet to see what I can find and I've found some places where you can custom design your own, only thing is, he doesn't want to pay extra for the actual design (say a cross) and pay for the logo to be put on it as well if he can help it. But I suppose if that's all I can find, that's all I can find. Please, let me know if anyone's seen anything or heard of anything.Thank you.

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    I typed "custom logo usb thumb drive" in Google and got tons of results ... including some big sponsored companies.
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      Do you know if any of those sell in bulk or anything? I know when I googled it and checked out a lot of the sites I would have to do a quote in order to get most of the answers I needed. I had run into a site last year when looking for a T-Shirt custom design company for our worship team and they had rubber clip-on USB crosses, fish, Bibles and stuff and you could order in bulk but I can't find that site again. I guess my youth pastor will have to do a bunch of research for his idea, haha. If you know of anything else, please let me know. Thanks