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Where is Your Projector/Screen?

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  • Where is Your Projector/Screen?

    Hey all,

    Just wanted ask a quick question- next week we are doing a mini makeover- to our stage- and I was wondering where you guys have your projector/screen mounted?

    Our church was a traditional Baptist church before we moved in- so it's got that style with the 2 doors on the side for the choir loft (which is non-exsistent now) and the baptistry in the middle

    Currently our projector is located on the left of our stage- but it covers up/dampens one of our speakers and subwoofer, so for me it's not a good thing. I want to move it to the center covering the baptistry (since it's electronic- we can move it when we need to use the baptistry) but the only problem with that- is that when the Pastor is preaching- he will be in the way of projecting the scriptures on the screen.

    What to do? What to do?

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    Ours is to the right side of the room, but left of the main speaker on that side. It's at an angle to the room so everyone can see it, even those on the extreme left.

    I've seen a lot of places with a retractable in the center, but you need a lot of height.


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      Our screen is dead center on the back of the stage, about 8 feet off of the ground. The projector is opposite, dead center on the back wall of the auditorium.

      Could you show us a few pics of your room, Justin?

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        Depending on how deep your baptistry area is, you might look at rear-projection. That way you could hit the screen from behind and wouldn't see shadows from the pastor or others walking in front of it. From your original post though, it sounds like you may not have that much room. Nate is right - pictures would be awesome!
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          I was gonna suggest rear projection as well, but Eric hit it ... def. post some pictures and/or dimensions, you can get some good ideas here.
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            Rear projection would be ideal but you would need to replace the screen as I am sure it is a front projection screen currently. You may also need to change projectors or replace the lens to a short throw lens. A couple of things to think about.


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              Depending on how deep the stage area is, you could mount the projector almost right above where the pastor stands and through keystone adjustments on the projector the visual presentation would still look somewhat squared.

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                if your ceiling is high enough I would sugest placing it as high as you can and front projecting it if rear projection is not possible