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need to build a projector package

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  • need to build a projector package

    We've been using a laptop and easyworship for about a year now, and we are ready to make a permanent install.
    I need recomendations for the following.

    3 projectors (2 forward, and 1 to the back of the auditorium). Prefer all 3 same model for simplicity. Replacement bulb price is a factor as we replaced our last porojecter cheaper than a new bulb would have been.
    About 15' throw, relatively level.
    They will be 50' and 150 feet from the controlling PC. I need to know how to accomplish this. I see some projectors are networkable?

    I will build the pc after we use the laptop for a while. But I want to get the 3 projectors and cabling out of the way 1st. All 3 will show same image by the way.

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    We've not got a multiple projector set-up, but have one projector in the Church and then aditional outputs/screens down to the music group, into another hall and into the creche.

    We take the output from a scaler: http://www.kramerelectronics.com/ind...?name=VP-720xl

    and feed it into a couple of these: http://www.kramerelectronics.com/ind...300NK_VP-400NK and with some decent cabling the signal is great about 200' away!

    We've got vga face plates on the walls in the other locations and plugin a 19" monitor (music group), a 22" TV (creche) and use an old-ish projector when needed in the hall.

    It works great and is pretty simple to set-up.


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      Good question and bad one, haha. That's about as simple as asking us what car to buy.

      You have considered the throw distance for the iamge and the signal path distance which are two main things. You need to also consider brightness. How much control do you have over the ambient light where the projectors will be? You need to make sure you have plenty of lumens to counter that.

      You need to also consider what your sources will be. If it is always a computer source than VGA cable is a good way to go with installation. However, you will need Distribution Amplifers in line and also a 1 to 3 split. VGA cable does not like to go over 100 feet without a boost, split that a couple times and you will REALLY need that.

      If you have multiple source formats (computer, DVD player, cameras) then you need to make sure you get a switcher/scaler. Scalers may seem kind of overboard but they will ensure a crisp picture on screen no matter what the signal source is. Switcher/scalers are more expensive than just switchers but they are WELL worth the investment when it comes to image quality. (They will run you a few grand more.) We have two of these new Barco switcher/scalers in our youth and children's theaters and they are fantastic. You can get them cheaper than this if you use a contractor or whatever.

      Quality equipment controlling the signal path will make a huge difference in your final image. Beyond that I can't really make a good suggestion without knowing how big your screens need to be and how bright they need to be.

      -Hope this helps
      Travis Paulding,
      Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church


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        That moves me quite a bit closer. Thanks!
        We currently have an Epson 77c and wer're reasonably happy with it. Could be a little brighter, and the throw was very disappointing. But quality is very nice.
        Looks like the Epson is 2200 lumens, so we may need just a bit more for a full-brightness auditorium.

        Source will always be a computer. We use easyworship, and will play dvds. We want to move to a permanent solution because we seem to have funerals almost weekly, and they all want to play a dvd made by the funeral home. We don't have any paid staff that can really run the equipment, so it ends up being a bit of a gamble if I can't get down to the church to setup everything. We are also using a roll-up screen and it's taking too much stage room.

        Everytime we have a service that I can spend really putting together a program, the audience appreciates it and I do believe it's helping the worship experience.